29 december 2007

Hans did not feel well on the second Christmas day and because a lot of family members where having flew, a lot of bacterial air was in the house. After a visit to the doctor, two medicine where given to stop the infection of the air channels. On the 28th in the evening, Hans was too weak to walk the stairs down to the toilet so Hilda decided to let Hans sleep downstairs so he could more easier reach the toilet. On the 29th in the morning when Hilda came down, Hans had it cold and could not reach toilet in time. Together they eat something. During lunch time, Hans could not keep his lunch inside and from that moment, things where getting worse quickly. Medical care was called by Hilda but they said it sounded like flew, just give him tea and it will be fine.  Because Hans had trough up again, his bed needed cleaning and Hilda could not do it by herself so she called us. Once arrived we found Hans in bad condition and decided to call again medical center. Now the agreed to send a doctor to check. According to Hans, the ICD already went off 1 time. When the doctor arrived, during his check, the ICD did go off a second time. After some routine checks he thought that Hans might have a long infection. He called for an ambulance to get Hans to the hospital. Once in the hospital, Hans had it very cold and during the waiting for next steps, the heartbeat of Hans went several times (maybe 6 or 7 times) to rates above 230 where the ICD electro shocked him to have a normal beat again. This took a lot of energy from Hans. With new medication, the doctors managed to get this stable and after 3 hours in the hospital Hans was transported to the Hart Monitoring Unit.

30-12-07 10:00 We visit Hans after a night at the Hospital. Hans has a very high temperature of 39.2 C and the hospital is still searching for the cause of this. He is very tired and sleeps most of the time but when he is awake, joke's are still to be made so thatís a good sign. New X-ray pictures are made during our visit. The nurse told us that again during the night, the ICD went of an other time but after adjustment of medication the situation is stable.

30-12-07 14:30 Tom and Louise visited Hans in the hospital. His temperature is a little lower and is still very tired. Most of the times he sleeps. The heartbeat is still okay.

30-12-07 19:30 Monique,Gerliza and Hilda visited Hans. The temperature was back to 39.2 C and the medical team is a little worried about the blood pressure. It is too low and they will try to get it high by giving more fluid. On the X-ray's is shown that Hans does have a right-long infection. This could be the cause of high temperature and maybe the heartbeat instability. But still, even when he feels so bad, he finds energy to make jokes all the time.

 31-12-0710:00 Hilda and Anja visited Hans. The bought two big balloons to decorate the sealing. Hans did had a good night rest but still the blood pressure is very low and the temperature is about 38.6 C. He is getting additional fluid and anti-biotic for the long infection.

31-12-07 14:30 Rick and Gerliza visit Hans. Hans is sleepy but when a doctor (name unknown) came to visit, Hans talked with him. Hans was skeptic on the doctors prediction that in two day's he will be much better. Than Tom, Louise and kids arrived. Robin, Melinda and Sanne made beautiful drawings for opa Hans. They went to the door of opa's room and waved to him. Tom installed the drawings on the rail above opa's bed so he could see them when he is awake. During our visit, the temperature was 39.2C again and Hans was hallucinating all the time. Also he struggled with Apneu.

 31-12-2007 19:30 Hilda, Jolanda & Bas and Monique visited Hans. The temperature was now 38.2C, the lowest so far. Looks like things are going a little better now. Hans remembered that Melinda,Robin and Sanne did visit him today. He is still very tired. The blood pressure was 104/49 for a few minutes and dropped back to 75/39. Hans could not eat more than about 3 spoons.

 31-12-2007 23:00 Hilda and Rick went to Hans to 'celebrate' new year. Hans had a very high temperature again of 39.4C. Blood pressure was good. We tried to let Hans drink some juice but didn't succeed. The nurse is going to ask for liquid food because Hans was not capable of eating and drinking and it has been a couple of days ago that he had a descent meal. At 24:00 we whished Hans many strength and that he get better as soon as possible. We don't know if he noticed the new 2008 year. 00:15 we left the hospital to celebrate 2008 with the rest of the family.

01-01-2008 10:00 Gerliza and Jannelie visited Hans. On arrival, Hans was shaking all over his body. The nurse said that some decisions needed to be made. Gerliza called Hilda and Rick at 10:30 to come to the hospital.

 01-01-2008 10:45 Both Hilda and Rick arrived at the hospital. The doctor requested permission to move Hans to the Intensive Care Unit. He will be brought in sleep and will be connected to a long machine. So Hans is moved and after a couple of hours Hans was ready. In the mean time Tom also arrived and together we visit Hans on the IC unit. He was sleeping and had rest. They cleaned the long, give him a new anti biotic and started with liquid food to build up. 13:00 left the hospital.

01-01-2008  14:30 Monique visited Hans. Hans is sometimes coughing but of course due to the machine this is not easy. Blood pressure is down again.

01-01-2008 19:30 Gerliza and Louise visited Hans. Due to a new medicine, the blood pressure is now constant at 103. He is very relaxed and things are looking stable. It is now a matter of  time that his body can recover from his illness.

01-01-2008 22:30 Gerliza called the hospital to have latest information. They adjusted medication to have a more stable blood pressure. Hans is stable.

02-01-2008 06:50 Called the hospital. Hans did good during the night. Blood pressure is even a little improved.

 02-01-2008 10:00 Hilda and Rick visited Hans. Temp. was 38.2 C and blood pressure about 104. We were invited to talk to one of the responsible doctors. He told us that Hans was really sick and in critical condition. He struggles with long infection and also blood poisoning. The blood pressure has to go up in order to have the kidneyís doing there cleaning job.  Hart beat is stable. Full with emotion we left Hans.

 02-01-2008 14:30 Hilda, Anja, Tom and Louise visited Hans. His blood pressure is 150! A record in the last couple of days. Temp. still at 38.2 C. Hans fingers are a little blue, due to less blood flow. In the blood sample from last saterday, nothing serious has been found. It might be that the sample was to early taken. A new blood sample has been collected today. Now we hope that his kidney's are going to clean his blood quickly.

02-01-2008 19:30 Gerliza and Monique visited Hans. The blood pressure is 135 and the temperature about 38.5 stable. The medical staff increased the medication to continue the higher blood pressure. Hans is holding about 2 liters extra of water in his body.

 03-01-2008 07:30 Gerliza called the hospital. Everything stable, the same as yesterday evening.

 03-01-2008 10:00 Hilda and Rick visited Hans. His temperature went down this morning to 36.3 C! Blood pressure is 104. Doctor van Berkel said he is more positive than yesterday. It looks like the medicine is finally going to do it's job. Hans hands are nice warm, much better than before. We all hope this progress will continue.

 03-01-2008 14:30 Hilda and Rick visited Hans. Jan Brada did not make it in time to arrive at Gorinchem. Hans was turned on his right site and felt good. Temperature about 36.1 C and blood pressure around 100. A card of Fam. de Zeeuw arrived today. At 15:00 Louise and Tom arrived to visit Hans. No further details known.

03-01-2008 Around 16:00 Jan did arrive at the hospital and visited Hans. No contact could be made with Hans due to medication. Jan, thanks for your visit and support, it is appreciated by the family!

 03-01-2008 19:30 Hilda,Gerliza and Monique visited Hans. Due to low hart beat, the medical staff decided to activate the pacemaker function on the ICD. The beat is adjusted to 85. The blood pressure was after the activation good and stable. The amount of urine is enough, but the blood poisoning is a little worse. Also the medicine to keep Hans sleeping is slowly decreased, what resulted in reactions of Hans when a needle was inserted in his leg. Goal is to have Hans sleeping when nobody is around and have Hans awake when his name is called. This can take a couple of days before this is achieved. Temperature was 37.2 C.

  04-01-2008 10:00 Hilda and Rick visited Hans. His temperature was up again to 38.1 C. The nurse removed the blanket to cool down Hans. Due to the new food connection, directly to the blood stream, the sugar level is way off. Today afternoon they will bring a new probe tube beyond the stomach because the stomach is not working properly. Hart beat is good. Blood pressure is 125. The medical staff still sees improvement which is hopeful.

  04-01-2008 15:00 Tom and Louise visited Hans. According to the medical staff is Hans in a light sleep and is reacting on things that are done with him or told to him. Blood pressure is good and urine production is also improving.

04-01-2008 19:00 Hans new brother Bas visited Hans.

 04-01-2008 19:30 Monique and Gerliza visited Hans. The medicine for the blood pressure is decreased in volume. Blood poison is a little better. The new probe tube is apparently not done today, maybe tomorrow. When talking to Hans, his eyes are moving.

 05-01-2008 10:00 Gerliza and Hilda visited Hans. The new probe has been placed and the food contents is adjusted. Temperature was during the night 39 C and now in the morning 38.4 C. Long pictures are still the same, no changes shown. Hans is receiving extra medication to increase urine production to decrease the amount of water, hold by the body. On the long frequency changes we think that Hans is reacting to things that are told to him. The path Hans is taken is still the good one and hope he will maintain this. The long machine is just supporting Hans with breathing.

05-01-2008 19:30 Monique and Rick visited Hans. It is a week ago that things went bad with Hans. The blood pressure is 120 and hart beat is okay. Hans is getting more stable according to the medical staff. Yesterday Hans reaction on a replacement of medicine holder had a huge impact on blood pressure. Today the effect is much less, meaning that Hans is getting stronger. The medicine to boost up blood pressure is slowly being reduced. The amount of water that Hans body is keeping is about 16 to 19 liters. They started this morning with urine production medicine. The first time they give him this medicine had also impact on the blood pressure but this evening, things looks much more stable. The temperature decreased a little to 37.9 C.

 06-01-2008 10:00 Rick and Hilda visited Hans. Temperature is 38.7. Blood pressure around 110. Medication is slowly reduced and Hans is reacting well on it. Also his biogas production is starting up after the food probe was placed in his small intestine. His sugar level is good, of course with medicine. The kidney performance is increasing and the amount of urine is good.

06-01-2008 15:00 Anja and Fred visited Hans. Temperature is still above 38 C.

06-01-2008 19:30 Monique, Gerliza and Jolanda visited Hans. Temperature is a little increased to 38.9 C. Blood pressure is about 110. The extra probe for food is removed. Now Hans is getting only food by the food probe, placed in his intestine. Hans is improving by very small, small steps but as long this is happening we are happy!

07-01-2008 10:00  Hilda and Gerliza visited Hans. The medicine to increase blood pressure has been increased again because the blood pressure was dropping below 100. Temperature was 37.9 C, a small decrease. Current blood pressure is 102/47. The breathing support has been decreased so Hans has to do it more by himself. The sleep medicine is decreased to bring Hans back to a situation that he can react on his surroundings.

07-01-2008 15:00 Hilda and Anja visited Hans. The temperature was again 0.1 C lower to 37.8 C. Blood pressure to 110, max. 120. Average situation, Hans is recovering very slowly but recovering!

 Thanks to all our readers who are checking the condition of Hans on daily bases by reading this story.

07-01-2008 18:30 Tom visited Hans. Temperature has dropped to 37.3 C. Also a request to talk to the doctor has been initiated.

 07-01-2008 19:30 Rick and Monique visited Hans. Temperature still 37.3 C. The nurse told us that Hans had also relieved his first big message. On a certain time, Hans started to cough and at that same moment, Hans opened his right eye. The nurse started to talk to Hans and he followed her. Rick and Monique also talked to Hans and it looked like Hans was really seeing us. After that his eye was closing again. A new step forward noticed!

08-01-2008 10:00 Gerliza and Hilda visited Hans. There was no change in condition of  Hans.

 08-01-2008 15:00 Gerliza and Hilda visited Hans. They had a meeting with the doctor. The schedule now is to reduce the medicine for his blood pressure and when that is okay, the will see what to do with the long machine. The latest X-ray picture indicates that there is still liquid behind Hans right long. No contact is made with Hans.

08-01-2008 19:30 Rick, Monique and Tom visited Hans. He was resting on his back again. The increased the sleeping medicine because Hans was a little restless this afternoon. Blood pressure is good 120. Temperature is again a little higher to 38.7 C.

09-01-2008 10.00 Hilda visited Hans. His temperature was a little lower 38.2 C. They lowered the sleeping medicine a bit and he got again medicine to increase the amount of fluid that his body held. The long machine was a bit lower and his blood pressure is very good 125 -130. The values in his blood are also better.

09-01-2008 14.30 Hilda and Anja and his granddaughter Annehil visited Hans all was the same as this morning. They turned him over on his side because he gets problems with his stoat.

09-01-2008 19.30 Monique and Gerliza visited Hans , his condition is the same as in the afternoon only his temperature was a bit higher 38.5. On his left arm he gets an infection on the place where earlier an infusion was installed. I have to ask the medical staff tomorrow morning how that comes.

10-01-2008 10.00 Hilda and Anja visited Hans. Today they are going to install a pump for the medicine to reduce the amount of fluid his body is holding ( 22 liter) His temperature was not visible because the probe was not good in place. All in all they find he is going forwards with very little steps.

10-01-2008 14:30 Tom and Hilda visited Hans. Temperature is 38.6. Hans has really difficulties laying on his right side. This causes serious problems with his stoat. His blood values are getting better.

10-01-2008 19:30 Monique, Gerliza and Rick visited Hans. Temperature is 38.3 C. Oxygen level is 40% on the long machine. Hans his big message system is working good!

11-01-2008 10.00  Hilda visited Hans. He had a stable night. His temperature is 38.2 C. The medical staff took new sample of his blood, urine and sputum to search for bacteria that causes his temperature to raise. Hans had one eye open this morning but I donít know if he could recognize me. They will try to turn him on his right side because itís better for him. Yesterday this was not a good success. Hilda also started to put body lotion on Hans arms.

11-01-2008 14.30 Hilda visited Hans. He lies on his right side, that goes well so far. His temperature was a bit lower 37.8 C . Hilda has the impression that he hears what you say to him because the turns his head from left to right and back.

11-01-2008 19:30 Gerliza, Monique and Rick visited Hans. Hans was awake and reacted on our voices and looked to us. A big moment of victory among us! The amount of oxygen was reduced to 34% which is a improvement too. The only problem we have is that Hans doesnít like to sleep on his left or right side. This causes some problems with bedsore. Temperature again a little increased to 38.2 C. The amount of urine was very good. It looks like the body is going to flush the extra liquid from his body, thanks to extra medicine. Gerliza and Monique put body lotion on his arms to avoid dryness.

Dear reader of this story, due to the little improvements of Hans, we think that the regular updates on this story are not giving real additional information. From now on, we will stop with updates of every visit, unless we have good or bad news we like to share with you. Thanks for your continuous interest on the condition of Hans! We will at least give an update on Wednesday and Saturday evening.

 12-01-2008 Hans is awake and with his glasses he is looking around to everybody who is moving in the room. He reacted too day clearly to Anja, when she visit him in the afternoon. The numbers on his blood are improving and the intention is to slowly reduce the medication to get it to normal levels. The cause of his temperature is still not found. The temperature is about 38.4 C all day. Tonight they will give him a different medicine to sleep that is quicker and will also wake him up more faster.

 15-01-2008 Hans received a new probe to drain the liquid from his long. The amount of fluid was about 2 liters, a huge amount. According to the medical staff, Hans is still improving.

16-01-2008 Hans lost about 3.6 liters of liquid from his right long. The long is recovering and that is probably the cause of his constant temperature of about 38 C. The kidneyís are working fine and the blood contents is going in the good direction. Hans is still in a light sleep to give him more comfort in bed. Hope that his long is quickly back in good shape and the temperature will be steady at normal level. In the last few days we had the opportunity  to talk to Hans. Of course he could not answer but with body language we could see that he reacted to the things we said.

19-01-2008 The drain for his long did work well. A total of about 4.5 Liters has been drained till now. Today the amount per day was much less and clear, hopefully it is getting better. Hans had a very high temperature this week. Maximum was about 40.2 C. The medical staff suspected the probe in the fast lane and decided to remove the old one and placing a new one. After the new probe was placed dropped the temperature to usual levels of 38 C. Hans was brought back from more deep sleep to just sleepy the last two days. Now we do have more contact with him. Hopefully he will recover now a little faster than the last 3 weeks.

 23-01 2008 Until now Hans has had a CT scan of his longs and according to the Nurse, the infection of his long is now on both side .In the afternoon they removed the tube from his mouth and he got a canule in his throat for the long machine. His temperature is still a big consurn. Today they discovered a bacteria in his sputum but because he has no fever he gets no antibiotic. Every day the machine is programmed so that Hans has to control the machine by breading on his own, most of the time this goes well. He cannot speak and that is something he doesnít understand so we have to explain that to him.

26-01-2008 Since Wednesday the condition of Hans did not change much. The amount of liquid from his longs is about 300 mL. The temperature still giving a lot of problems. But today, after a normal morning with Hans sleeping, the control of the long machine has been changed at 1200 to support in stead of control. Also the sleeping medicine has been stopped, making Hans more clear and present. This resulted in a good communication with Hans, of course from us to him in speech and Hans only in body language. He tried to speak but because of the long machine there is no airflow to produce sound. We hope that this will continue and being the sign of recovery. Hope that also the temperature will stay to normal level and not increasing again. 

30-01-2008 The long drain is removed because the last couple of dayís the amount of liquid was almost nothing. Hans is clear in mind on some days because they stopped the sleeping medicine during the day. He tries to speak but of course that is impossible due to the long machine. Listening to music worked for a short time but is difficult because he has to turn in his bed and except when he is on his back, the other positions are not good to listen to music. Blood condition is still improving. The first attempts to breath on his own without the machine has been started today and Hans did it good during 15 minutes. Hans is capable of reading text on a white board above his bed. A big smile is the reward if he likes the text. Hope that recovery will speed up a little after a whole month of being very sick and in the hospital grounded.

02-02-2008 The last couple of days where stable. Hans is not really improving and not running backwards. We had most of the times contact with him by voice, body language and the white board. Hans want to tell so much but he canít. On an evening nurse Angelique assisted us understanding Hans and we found out that Hans is afraid and not understanding what is going on around him. From that day on we try to explain what the machines around him are doing so he knows a little more. We hope to get updated next week about the steps the doctors are going to take to improve the condition of Hans.

Period 2-2-2008 till 06-02-2008. Hans is still stable and not really improving. Some times we have a good contact and other moments he is very sleepy. This week we had again a meeting with one of the doctors, Dr. Koenders. She also confirmed that the condition of Hans is stable and not really improving. The medication is set to such level that Hans is okay but they need to changed to lower levels so Hans can get from the machine and other medication. This will be the goal for the next period of time. It has to be done slowly because of his hart condition.

 Period 06-02-2008 till 10-02-2008. No real improvements where made to the recovery of Hans during the last couple of days. Hans complained about his stomach and the medical staff checked it with an echo. No problems where found. The temperature is stable and during visiting hours we have most of the time contact with Hans. Frustrating is the fact that Hans wants to tell so much but because of the long machine it is impossible to speak. Lip reading  is difficult and writing on a paper is also not possible. We hope that improvement of his condition is starting soon.

Period  10-02-2008 till 14-02-2008. Due to a tip from us they have checked the performance of the thyroid and found it too slow working. The increased the medicine with factor 4. After this (yes, we know it might be coincidence) Hans was much more awake and we had good contact with him. When he is awake he is very thirsty and we need to give him al the time water to drink. The medicine amount is brought back to only Insulin and his normal doses of medicine for his hart. The target is to get Hans from the long machine slowly. Each big change causes instability in his health.

Period 14-02-2008 till 17-02-2008. Hans is recovering little by little. His blood pressure is good and he is more awake during the day. He had breathed on his own for 2 hours on Friday morning. Rick was very pleased to see this because he had to leave for one week. In the afternoon that day Hans did it again for 1 hour, thirty minutes and was afterwards still awake and not tired. In the evening he got cramp in his stomach due to the fact that he got a medicine to activated his bowels. He gets an injection to sleep at night but that did not work very well so the gave him an other one in the morning. Today the breathing on his own did not succeed because his was to sleepy. We will try to morrow again.

17-02-2008. As Gerliza and Hilda visited Hans this morning they found Hans sitting in a wheelchair. This was a big surprise for us and the next step for recovery.

Period 17-02-2008 till 21-02-2008. In this period Hans got fever again 38.8C and they found a bacteria so he is getting antibiotic. Also he has to much Sodium in his blood so they stopped  food and he got 1/2 liter water and glucose. Today his fever is gone down to 37.7C. He also got a bigger tube because he was talking by pressing the balloon  a side and this  cost a lot of energy . He still is very thirsty .

Period 21-02-2008 till 24-02-2008.Hans is less thirsty but loves to taste the ice. This is not really easy because he likes to bite on it and than that peace of ice might bring him into a difficult situation. With agreement of the medical staff we will help Hans in the next period of time to train his breathing off the machine in order to stronger the muscles to breath. The schedule is to do the training during visiting hours and maybe in between. It costs a lot of energy and doing too long and too often might bring Hans in a exhausted condition. During the disconnection, Hans is doing well, a little to fast and low volume but when told, he will take deeper breath. The oxygen in his blood after a session is very good, same to the CO2 content. If everything goes well we hope we can maintain the training.

Period 24-02-2008 till 28-02-2008. In this period Hans is training to get  free from the support machine by breathing on his own and this goes every day a bit better. The amount of time he is free is increased from 3 hours and 45 minutes till 6.00 hours a day. Today he welcomed his grandson Jeroen  and later on he asked Rick how its goes with the Homepage and if we get negative reactions. We hope this improvement will continue and Hans will be able to extend the time free from the machine.

We also like to thank every one who did send Hans a card , he is very pleased with them. 

28-02-2008. Hans wants to thank everyone who send him a card, visited him or supported him during all the time he spend in the hospital. Due to the special valve on his 'canule' he is able to speak a few words and the thanks is one of his own first saying.

Period 28-02-2008 till 02-03-2008. During the last couple of days Hans is training very hard to get from the long machine. The amount of hours on the first of March was 10 hours. Sitting in a chair is also an exercise that is done every day now for 2 hours. Hans loves to eat water ice. He is a big consumer. Hans is getting faith back. We hope that the amount of disconnected hours will be quickly increase.

Period 02-03-2008 till 05-03-2008. The long machine is now disconnected as soon Hans is awake in the morning at 0500 until he is going to sleep in the evening. During the night the machine is connected to give more recovery time and rest. Hans does not feel the difference when the machine is connected or he is disconnected. Hans is able to talk and that is a big new adventure. Now he is able to complain, ask for ice cream and question us about the events that are happening and did happen in the past. Sitting in a chair is also going well, not every day but most of the times. The last couple of days he gets pap to eat. This will give more recovery power and energy. Hans says that he is confused sometimes but that is getting better. Physiotherapy is increased to two times a day. It seems he has still a lot of power left in his legs. The arms are less strong, exercise will improve this.

10-03-2008. Hans is doing not well the last couples of days. His temperature is again 39 C and he is sleeping most of the time. He is also back to the long machine to give him more energy to recover. His blood pressure is also dropped fast and for that he is receiving extra fluid again by infusion. They have also moved one of the infusions because of infection. After the change the temperature has dropped to 38.5C. We hope this path will be left soon and go back to the correct one.

12-03-2008. This morning at 07:50 local time, Hans died in peace. His fight against his sickness has been struggled and lost. We are greatfull for the time we could talk, joke, tell him we love him, during the last two weeks. Rest In Peace.